Meet the ladies behind the cameras


They say that your wedding day is the fastest day of your life. You plan for months, maybe even years, then POOF—you blink and it’s over–The groom’s face the moment he sees his bride. A father dancing with his daughter. Grandmom busting a move on the dance floor. The smiles, laughter, and tears. These are moments that you should have forever. These are moments that we want to capture for you because we’re as passionate about your wedding as you are.

But we’re not just photographers. We’re your best friends, hair fixers, train holders, time watchers and even your dancing partners! We’ll work together seamlessly to photograph the events of your day as they unfold. Through every beautiful detail and each emotional moment, we’ll capture the spirit of your day and tell your everlasting love story.

We’re so glad you’re here and can’t wait to meet you!

About Kate

I am the wife of my high school sweetheart, Dave, and the proud mama to our two beautiful daughters and two furbabies. I love dancing and being silly with my two princess babes, family walks, coffee and enjoying new adventures, big or small. I knew this was my calling when I would be just as happy as the wedding guests when the bride and groom had their first kiss. After 5 years, I still cry at every wedding, I laugh along with the party and I leave with a smile on my face.

Kate’s Favorites

• Guilty Pleasure: Watching Forensic Files EVERY night before bed.
• Favorite TV shows : Cupcake Wars & Fixer Upper
• Favorite Wedding Day Moment: Our alone time with our bride & groom. We love this time to photograph our couples truly enjoying their wedding day, enjoying each other’s company and lots of cuddles.
• Favorite Smell: Do I have to pick just one? No? Okay! My husbands cologne (PLAY by Givenchy) and Lavender Vanilla dryer sheets.
• Favorite Thing About JILL: “People, let me tell you ’bout my best friend..”  I can talk to her about anything and everything. And she’s my squealing partner when we know we just shot “THE SHOT” (yes, we squeal and get very excited often, and yes, you will too!)

About Jill

On top of being a photographer I’m also a wife, dog lover (I have two of my own) and mama of twin boys. I love hanging out with my 3 favorite guys, snuggling up to read a good book, and traveling whether it’s only 1 hour to the beach or around the globe. After spending the last 6 years photographing weddings, I knew it was my calling after my very first one. If there is one thing that I love, it’s love. If there are two things, then it’s love and dessert (both of which can be conveniently found at every wedding we shoot).

Jill’s Favorites

• Guilty Pleasure : Candy, especially sour candy
• TV Shows : Gilmore Girls, Sex & the City, Fixer Upper & Storage Wars
• Favorite Wedding Day Moment : Bride & Groom portraits since it’s the only time of day that the craziness of the day subsides
• Favorite Smell : Clean Laundry
• Favorite Thing About Kate : I haven’t found anything I DON’T like about Kate (yet lol!). We know when to talk, and we know when to shut up and shoot. We laugh a lot, I always have a car ride partner. We’re more than just business partners, we’re best friends!  

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